Effective strategies come from PEOPLE not software.

Bridging the gap between business and technology.

About Veracity

We can’t help it: We're instinctively curious, and we love a good challenge. It's just how we're wired. That means empowering our people to see the big picture—to cut through the noise so we’re not just treating the symptoms but finding the cure.

Founded in 2006 in Kansas City, Veracity is a tech consulting team of problem-solvers and truth-tellers who deliver customized IT solutions for our customers. We bridge the gap between business and technology while always staying transparent and authentic—simply doing the right thing.


Meet members of Veracity's leadership team.

Our Team


Tackle your toughest business challenges or try out that crazy idea—test before you invest!

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Relationships are the key to our sustainability and growth, and it all starts with our team. We have the technology experience and skills of a large firm, with the commitment and focus of a small firm. Our leadership has the experience you need. We solve problems, not sell technology. And we work with you – rather than for you – to come up with alternative solutions to make you successful.

Angela Hurt
Founder and CEO
Rod Mack
Chief Delivery Officer
Mike Gowan
VP, Commercial Market
Amy Krohn
VP & Chief Information Officer

Chris Barr
VP, Federal Operations
Pat Shore
VP, Innovation
Stacy Schieffer
Director, Solutions Delivery
Amy Riedel
Director, Talent

Pauly Leetz
Director, Quality Assurance
Hillary Stamper
Director, Employee Experience

Healthier businesses produce

smarter PEOPLE,

who build stronger COMMUNITIES.


We know that our community work touches more than just our clients. Our charitable culture is meant to inspire from the inside out, and it does just that. While many of our team builders include an element of community service, we encourage our team members to give back to his or her community organizations individually through donations of time, resources or money. And when they do, it gives us so much pride!

By empowering each team member to

invest in the community

they care about or connect with, Veracity expands its impact exponentially.


Our employees are offered eight hours of PTO per year, solely for the use of serving within the community. They choose what they are passionate about, we make sure to help facilitate any opportunity they may seek to gain access to. In 2017, our team served more than 20 organizations with hundreds of volunteer hours.

If you would like to serve beside us, please contact us.

Below are a few of the organizations within the community that we are able to serve.


Bridging the gap between business and technology.