Innovation Hub

Have an idea for a new product or service line? Got a challenge you just can’t beat? As a business leader, you know it’s time to invest in a solution, but choosing the right path can be scary (and expensive).

Instead, test before you invest!

To help businesses think through a new service or product or a change in direction, Veracity offers the Innovation Hub—a new way of approaching business challenges, designed to create value and spur growth by channeling the power of innovation and disruptive thinking.

  • What’s the best packaging for shipping my new product?
  • Why can’t I reach higher employee satisfaction scores?
  • What can I change in our mobile app to keep customers engaged longer?
  • Should I invest more heavily in our smaller service line?
  • How would new software impact efficiency?

Rethink What's Possible

Look at your business: What’s one thing – when done differently – that would make a significant difference? The Innovation Hub can help you tackle your toughest business challenges or try out that crazy idea before you spend too much time and money going down an unknown road.

Innovation Opportunities

  • Innovation Mastermind Peer Groups – This unique program was created to help leaders define and implement solid, meaningful ideas with real-world impact. The structured process captures diverse input from other innovative peers to help you take a business opportunity from concept through implementation. LEARN MORE
  • Exploration Zone – Take the first step in the Exploration Zone, where we’ll work with you in one of our innovation workshops that help companies of all sizes explore ways to enhance business performance and solve common issues. The process will allow you to take an idea on a trial run before any large investment (including technology) is made. Quicker than more traditional business consulting firms, the process often can be completed in a matter of hours, and you’ll emerge with a viable roadmap to execute.
  • Strategy Activation – After choosing the right path, the Strategy Activation team can create a strategy to execute that new direction. We’ll focus on understanding your current strategy process as well as the position of your products and services in the market, and then put it all together by creating a solid set of actions for success.
  • Innovation Central – Ready to commit to making innovation a priority in your business? This program provides a comprehensive process that allows you to take a business need or opportunity from concept through implementation. By proactively building a culture of innovation, you’ll be able to better prevent business risks, drive new markets and customers, and grow your company value. We can train your people, streamline your operations and build competencies to allow you to create your own innovation department, or we can provide you with our innovation-as-a-service model—or even a mix of the two.

Ready to innovate?

Take a smarter approach for your business, and use the Innovation Hub to help you transform a simple idea into a profitable business solution to pursue.

case study

Delivery Container Discovery

Our client, VinoPair, needed a way to ship high-end wine and foods without breakage or spoilage.


VinoPair's monthly subscription model paired a selected wine or champagne with chef-selected meats, cheeses, nuts and breads. However, the owner couldn't find a shipping box that would keep the food and wine chilled in the summer and prevent freezing in cold temperatures. The solution needed to be $10 or less per box.


Veracity identified potential manufacturers, designed a working prototype and tested its durability for shipping and temperature management. The team interviewed five manufacturers and designed a box that could segregate products, enable a variety of cooling agents to be inserted, and heavy enough to withstand a second-story drop.


The client launched the business on schedule with a delivery box that could withstand heat and cold for three shipping days, and the rough handling of air and ground shipping. In addition, all materials were biodegradable and met green standards, and cost less than eight dollars—beating the goal by more than 20%.


Take the first step

Pat ShorePatrick Shore
Vice President, Innovation