Digital Customer Experience & UX

Better design = better performance and results

What do you do when you become frustrated with a complex or difficult-to-use digital interface? If you’re like most customers, you go elsewhere—you choose a different app, website or business.

However, what happens when your customers find the information they need, easily and efficiently? They give you their business! In turn, that business drives KPIs and creates a competitive advantage.

Veracity can help clients invest in managing their digital customer experience and improving the user experience through building websites and digital strategies that meet – and exceed – their customers’ expectations.


Our Process

Creating, measuring and improving the customer experience across digital touchpoints are challenges for many clients. That’s where we help. We leverage multiple channels through user research, stakeholder workshops, industry trends, and our own expert analysis to create ROI-generating digital products. Easy to navigate, these products include both internal tools and outward-facing customer digital touchpoints that incorporate useful content and provide real value for our clients’ users.

Businesses that invest in their Digital Customer Experience and User Experience see improved engagement with their products, less customer churn, higher Net Promoter scores, and increased company revenues.