Data Transformation & Intelligence

Data is the new collateral of business, and the best business decisions are based on accurate facts and figures. However, data can often be overwhelming and even get in the way of your organization meeting its strategic goals.

Many businesses struggle to translate their data into something meaningful while meeting the demands of operational and investor reporting, data rationalization, disaster recovery and security.

Your business generates a lot of data, which is why you need a mature data practice to leverage that mountain of data to its full potential. Data services from Veracity can transform cold numbers into valuable insights that can drive strategy as well as provide a host of other benefits:

  • Key performance indicators in predictive analytics, demand models and sales data
  • Data visualization tools to more easily understand and interpret big swaths of data
  • Solutions for data warehousing, reporting and governance
  • Organization of disparate data feeds
  • Solutions for meeting NIST PII requirements
  • Improve data integrity and increase automation

Core Capabilities

  • Design
  • Mapping
  • Schema Design
  • Governance
  • ETL
  • Security
  • ERD
  • Performance & Tuning
  • Migration