Cybersecurity Solutions

Manage Risk of a Remote Workforce

As businesses across the nation respond to the global pandemic, more and more employees are being asked to work from home.

While the effort is helping the country battle the virus, it unfortunately creates more entry points for hackers to penetrate and gain access to valuable company data. Any of these questions keeping you up at night?

  • Are your employees’ laptops updated with the latest security tools? 
  • Are insecure wireless networks putting you at risk?
  • Is your company safe from cyberattacks during this public health crisis?

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Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

You have to know where your weak spots are before you can fix them. Security vulnerabilities can provide hackers easy access to your IT systems and applications, which is why you must identify and correct weaknesses before they can be exploited.

Our comprehensive vulnerability assessment allows us to identify and prioritize the vulnerabilities in your system, applications and network infrastructure—so you can react appropriately. This comprehensive assessment – coupled with a security management framework – can help your company improve the security of your systems.

Employee Cybersecurity Training

Employee Cybersecurity TrainingMake sure your employees are up-to-date on the latest cyber threats! We can set up a virtual security awareness training program that can be sent to your employees over email, complete with management dashboards and consistently updated content to keep you updated on the latest threats.

This valuable training will protect your organization from downtime, reputational risk and financial loss—while giving your employees peace of mind they’re working in a safe manner as they log in from home.

Ready to protect your organization?

The time is now. As the country moves to remote working, the threat of cyberattacks, malware and ransomware is increasing at a staggering pace.

Contact Veracity to schedule a 30-minute complementary rapid assessment to review your organization’s risk.

Pat ShorePatrick Shore
Vice President