Commercial Solutions

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Commercial Solutions

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As an industry-agnostic technology solutions provider, we’re able to apply lessons we’ve learned in each industry to the next project. That gives us a broader knowledge base that allows us to see answers others might miss. It empowers our people to see the big picture—to use innovative thinking to cut through the noise so we’re not just treating the symptoms but finding the cure.

Over the years we’ve developed a track record of success in many commercial industries while maintaining the ability to apply our expertise to the full spectrum of business environments.

Industry Experience

Below are some examples of the industries in which we’re proud to have assisted:


From massive electrical companies to small municipal organizations, nearly every utility can benefit from modernizing legacy IT systems and infrastructure to improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

Financial Services

As “fintech” continues to impact the industry, financial services are poised to benefit from many tech solutions, including emerging technology such as robotic process engineering, data-driven processing, AI and blockchain.

Health Care

The medical field is poised to benefit greatly from a variety of IT solutions—from centralizing clinical information, securing patient records, HIPAA compliance, telemedicine and more.

Transportation / Logistics

We’re using digital tools to help transportation and logistics companies better manage their cost pressures to streamline their operations and improve efficiency.


Whether you’re a sole practitioner or part of a large national law firm, Veracity can build network infrastructure, provide server support, implement cloud services, and offer a host of other tech solutions to make your practice run more smoothly.

Grocery Distribution

With deep experience in the daily challenges of serving member retailers, we can provide supply chain technology that serves grocery operations of every size.


Data is helping the real estate industry better leverage market rates, vacancy trends and accounting best practices to get ahead of the competition. We can provide solutions that help you to maximize your assets and overall investment value.


By making the connection between IT and telecom engineering, we can deliver cloud, data, software and service solutions to help with billing, revenue, switch performance, mobility, and more.

Insurance / Reinsurance

Meeting industry standards for compliance requires an experienced partner. We can provide IT architecture that solves insurance-specific challenges—from electronic document management to reinsurance calculations and everything in between.


From order management to inventory automation, technology can boost your retail operations, point-of-sale systems and e-commerce efforts to increase profits and customer experience.

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