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Why do I need professional software testing?

In Blog by Pauly Leetz

Without in-depth quality assurance and professional testing, you may be flushing a lot of hard work down the drain. Learn the three values of professional testing to ensure your next software project is successful.

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The robotic revolution: How RPA is changing work

In Blog by Mike Gowan

As an emerging technology, RPA is growing rapidly, and the list of benefits is growing as well. In addition to the time-saving potential, that efficiency almost always brings a large decrease in operational costs. It’s time to learn more about it and how it can help you.

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Add speed and service with low-code solutions

In Blog by Mike Talbot

“Low-code” – or sometimes called “no-code” or “rapid application development” – platforms allow you to build the software you need quickly with very little coding. This means your people can bring value and talent to the project, and your developers don’t get bogged down in infrastructure.